Beat the Intro is the Ultimate Music Game! Whatever your age, whatever type of music you love, we will create packs for you to play against that will really test your knowledge and love of music ... from the world’s hottest Artists and biggest Stars! Play on your own, against your friends, or with other like-minded music fans from around the world, it’s fun, simple and easy ...

The FASTER you can identify the tracks correctly, the more points you can win to help move you up the Charts ... the coins you earn or buy can be used to unlock new packs of music! You get a Starter Pack of hits and enough coins to unlock another pack of your choice for FREE. You can also earn coins by watching videos, sharing your scores on Facebook, challenging your friends ... and much more.

Each pack has three levels … earn enough points to be a Three-Star Player on Level 1 and you can jump to Level 2. Earn another 3 Stars and you can jump up to the next Level … 9 Stars on Level 3 and can you top the chart?

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