Alexa 10,00th skill press release

  • February 23th, 2017
  • Peter Larson

You can find audio clips of the two versions of the ‘Beat the Intro’ skill on Alexa via the links below:




Musicplode Media Brings Popular ‘Beat the Intro’ Game to Amazon Alexa


London, UK – 23rd Feb 2017– London-based music, tech and media company Musicplode Media today announced the availability of its interactive music game ‘Beat the Intro’ for Amazon Alexa.


Alexa device owners can enable the ‘Beat the Intro’ skill via the Alexa app or by saying, “Alexa, enable ‘Beat the Intro’” Then, simply ask Alexa to open ‘Beat the Intro’ and start playing.


Dubbed ‘the Ultimate Music Game’, ‘Beat the Intro’ began life as the hugely successful family DVD game, before evolving into a mobile app, and has now catapulted itself back into people’s living rooms, this time via direct voice control on Alexa devices including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Tap.


‘Beat the Intro’ will initially be available as two different versions: a ‘Six-Pack’ containing six back-to-back clips of well known songs to be identified by artist and title, or as a ‘TriplePlay,’ where players will identify songs based on the intros and first lines to three smash hits.

Additionally, the ‘Beat the Intro’ mobile app is just about to launch in the UK, United States and Australia.


Founded by CEO Kevin Deakin, Musicplode Media is a media company that builds audiences through a simple, fun, addictive music quiz game Beat the Intro. Its unique strategy revolves around discovery through partnerships, at a time where gamification is an increasingly important facet of marketing for global brands.


“We [Musicplode Media] have worked for a number of years to create an opportunity for very real incremental revenue for artists at a time when income is very much reduced. In today’s current climate there is a perfect storm with platforms, mobile, the music industry and brands,” said Kevin. “We are thrilled to bring ‘Beat the Intro’ to Alexa as it reaches the milestone of 10,000 skills, and to engage with an innovative global company like Amazon.”

February 23th, 2017

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