Amazon just announced new game accessories for the Echo called Buttons

  • September 27th, 2017
  • Peter Larson

Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff)
Mashable Tech September 27, 2017
Amazon unveiled new gadget and game-friendly devices called Amazon Buttons today at a special media event. Together with a new Alexa Gadget API, they turn your Echo into a gaming hub.
Each button is roughly the size of an Amazon Echo Dot and have built in lights that can change colors. The devices themselves are actually giant buttons — yes like the Staples button — that you connect to your Echo and third-party companies can tap into via the API to create games.
Amazon is rolling out a new Alexa API (Gadgets) and Echo Buttons for new fun and games with Alexa. #amazonevent
Hasbro, for example, is working on a version of Trivial Pursuit. The buttons will be cheap enough and easy enough to use that people will surely buy multiples.
Amazon hopes it helps bring back the family gaming night thing. The company plans to launch a number of Button-compatible skills this holiday season including games like Buzzer Beater
Basketball Trivia with Karl-Anthony Towns, Fourth Down Football Trviai with Philip Rivers, and Beat the Intro from Musicplode.
Echo Buttons will be sold in packs of two for $19.99 and are set to arrive before the holiday season in the US, UK, and Germany. To learn more about when Echo Buttons are available visit
Echo Buttons introduce new gaming experience with Alexa
Echo Buttons are new devices that deliver ways for customers to play games with friends and family using Alexa. The buttons illuminate and can be pressed to trigger a variety of multiplayer and interactive game experiences. There will be a number of new Echo Button-compatible skills available this holiday season including Sounds Fun with Mike Epps, Buzzer Beater Basketball Trivia with Karl-Anthony Towns, Fourth Down Football Trivia with Philip Rivers, Full Count Baseball Trivia with Buster Posey from Ground Control, as well as Beat the Intro from Musicplode. Echo Buttons will come in a two-pack, priced at $19.99, and will arrive in time for the holidays in the US, UK, and Germany. Echo Buttons are the first of many Alexa Gadgets, a new collection of accessories that enable fun and playful Alexa experiences. Sign up at to receive notifications and updates when Echo Buttons are available for purchase.

September 27th, 2017

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