Musicplode media limited relaunches interactive music game –beat the intro – for amazon alexa

  • August 16th, 2018
  • Peter Larson

British music game specialist Musicplode Media Limited (MML) has teamed up with Amazon to relaunch the interactive music game– Beat the Intro – for Amazon Alexa. Available today in the United States, customers canplay Beat the Intro with friends or by themselves to guess song titles and artists as fast as possible. Alexa actsas the virtual host, Echo Buttons are the buzzers, and DJ ‘Moozzo’ drives the tracks.

Beat the Intro was originally the10,000th skill published for Alexa and today returns as a completely revamped and enhanced game. MML has been working with Amazon during the development and refinement of the skill to create the ultimate play-along experience for players of all ages and music tastes. To get started, customers can simply say, “Alexa, play Beat the Intro.”Customers can play Beat the Intro with or without Echo buttons.

The skillis available for free for customers who have an Alexa-enabled device at a basic level,which includes limited gameplay and a Daily Challenge. Customers who want access to hours upon hours of musical fun from a wide variety of music genres, decades and music packs can subscribe to Beat the Intro Unlimited for $2.99 a month. Amazon Prime members get a special launch subscription discount for just$1.49 per month.

“This is the next exciting evolution of our Beat the Intro brand. We’ve been working with Amazon for over two years now and believe it will give players a genuinely fun, entertaining experience while testing their music knowledge to the full. And with music being a universal language, we believe it will be a huge success, not just in the US but around the world as the launch programme unfolds internationally in 2019,” said Kevin Deakin, CEO of MML.

“The game has been designed to play on your own in Solo mode, with friends in teams shouting at their Echo devices, or using Echo Buttons, for the richest of game experiences,” Kevin added. “And with the combination of Alexa and our music expert Moozzo, Beat the Intro becomes the ultimate game-show in your own home, where you get to control how you play and what kind of music you want to hear.  It’s the perfect game to play round the table with family and friends…and we believe it is going to become the ultimate party game!”

“Echo Buttons help developers bring a fun and playful element to voice experiences like Beat the Intro. We’re excited customers will be able to have a more interactive and engaging experience as they race against the clock and test their music knowledge against friends and family,” said Pete Thompson, vice president, Amazon Alexa.

Musicplode Media Limited is based in Windsor, Berkshire England and created Beat the Intro in 2004 as a radio format and interactive DVD game.The game is more relevant than ever today thanks to the support of the music industry looking for new revenue streams and the proliferation of exciting new voice services such as Amazon Alexa. Beat the Intro is truly the ultimate music game for the entire family.


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Non-subscription customers have access to two music packs: “The Greatest Hits of All Time” (which are all Billboard Hot 100 No. 1s across the decades) and “Today’s Hits” (chart hits from the Billboard Hot 100 over the last two years). Alexa customers can play for a limited number of plays each day unless they subscribe to Beat the Intro Unlimited. Customers with subscriptions can play as much and as often as they like and also get access to a huge library of tracks which are split into many content categories, such as: Classic rock; Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, Country, Top 40 and decades.

Featuring artists from Aerosmith to ZAYN, from Beach Boys to Black Sabbath, from Sade to Sia, From Carole King to Kings of Leon, there is something for everyone of all ages and makes for hours of fun entertainment for the entire family.

The game is also packed full of fascinating and sometimes funnyTrack Facts which adds hugely to the enjoyment and entertainment. For example, did you know that the original working title of ABBA’s hit Dancing Queen was “Boogaloo” or that “Ready or Not” by The Fugees is still President Obama’s favourite song!

Availability – US from today and in other territories early next year.

Subscription is $2.99 per month for non-Prime members and a launch offer of $1.49 per month for Prime members.

August 16th, 2018

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