Successful music game launches app with new revenue and promotional opportunities for the music industry, and providing fascinating insights into fan behaviour

  • Peter Larson

Successful music game launches app with new revenue and promotional opportunities for the music industry, and providing fascinating insights into fan behaviour
● Shines a spotlight on back-catalogue releases and powers new music discovery to drive downloads and streams
● App launches with access to millions of licensed tracks

Beat The Intro, the ultimate music game, today launches a brand new app to open up new commercial and promotional opportunities for the music industry. With a global launch initially on iOS, the app combines the powerhouse industries of music and gaming to provide players with a fun and exciting way to re-engage with back catalogue music, and to discover new music.
Music fans get the opportunity to test their Music IQ against millions of licensed tracks. Casual pop listeners can try their luck to identify tracks such as Justin Timberlake ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling!’, Michael Bublé ‘I Haven’t Met You Yet’ or Adele ‘Rolling In The Deep’, while more discerning music boffins challenge themselves with tracks like Bloc Party ‘Helicopter’, Owl City ‘Fireflies’ or Disclosure ‘Latch’.
Beat The Intro plays a short music clip and offers the player three choices to identify the artist and title within a time limit. The faster they identify the track, the more they will score, determining their Music IQ – the perfect way to see who really has the best ears in music! The app comes preloaded with a number of music packs to get started with. These include everything from 80s, 90s, through to today’s current hits, with many, many more available to subscribers, based on decades, music genres, and specials – such as the Grammys, The BRITs, the Oscars and so many more.

Beat The Intro presents a number of in-app music marketing opportunities for artists looking to promote their forthcoming albums, singles, tours and much more to an engaged audience of music fans worldwide. Not only that, but specific music packs based around one artist or band can be created which can be utilised to promote tours and back catalogue releases.
Harriet Hughes, CMO of PlayStack – publisher of the app – commented: “Working with Musicplode Media Limited we have developed a fantastic product which presents a unique opportunity for the music industry to utilise as part of the overall music ecosystem. With the ability to reach a global audience, artists will be able to reap the rewards of music fans either falling back in love with the tracks they once listened to or discover new ones. We are sure this innovative experience will complement the overall communication and marketing mix for the music industry.”
Kevin Deakin, CEO of Musicplode Media Limited – creators of the game – added: “We are absolutely delighted to be teaming up with PlayStack to launch our new app. The game has evolved from DVD to digital over the last 15 years and having secured the music licenses from the major record labels and publishers, this new iteration of the brand is very exciting. It is the perfect opportunity for artists to accrue important incremental revenue.”

Spanning across multiple genres and boasting an impressive catalogue of millions of officially licensed tracks, the app presents a whole new way of enjoying and engaging with music.
Beat The Intro is currently enjoying great success in the US on Amazon’s Alexa platform and has been officially confirmed as one of Alexa’s top “skills”. The new app marks the next chapter in the brand’s portfolio. Beat The Intro is currently available globally on iOS phones and tablets, with an Android launch planned later this year.

The app is now live in the App Store. You can download the app here

Record of the Day – 10th April 2019

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